xmas in july :: ornament storage

After all the gifts are opened and the guests have left, the next holiday season job is the decoration take-down. A big job!  (Doesn't it always seem like much more work to take it all down than it is to put it up?) Here are a few brilliant ideas to help with your ornament storage.

(image and how-to via Design a la Mod)

(image via Martha Stewart)

(image via Re-Nest via Pinterest)



Bruce said...

Thanks for a great blog
Christmas Decoration ideas

Marissa D said...

Just found your blog through a pintrest post - love this! and I'm going to have to follow your blog so my friends and family will think I know what I'm doing for parties and holidays! Thanks ;)

Marissa @ forfunreadinglist.blogspot.com

Michael Maloney said...

I have recently set up a business as a party planner around the county where I live so finding your blog has been extremely helpful for storage ideas that are cheap but effective. I have to move things from place to place in my small van and accidents have happened that have cost me money. Keep on blogging!

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