xmas in july :: pink tree inspiration

I have a decorated tree in every room of my house - each with it's own theme.  Some are big and some are small.  After Christmas last year, I found a pink 6' tree for $8! Not that I needed another tree, but it was only $8! How could I pass it up!? And it was pink! You should have seen the look I got from my hubby! I still don't know which he was more upset at - the fact that it was pink or that we don't need yet another tree. :)

So, since this will be the first year I'm putting it up, I'm on the hunt for inspiration.  I gathered a few ideas.  Which one do you like best?

A)  Iridescent and Glass Ornaments
(image source)

B)  Candy/Sweets
(image source)

C)  Pink Ornaments
(image source)


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Tiffany Martha said...

Isabella is SOOOOOO jealous!

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