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My daughter's third birthday party is coming up this weekend - busy, busy!!! (Anyone wanna come help!? Please!?) While I finish up last minute details, I thought I'd share the invites I created. I've had this idea for years and was so excited I finally had an event to use it for.

The party theme is classic picnic. Like I said, I have had this idea stored in my head for a long time, but I do have to give a shout out to Jessica from Two Shades of Pink for one awesome element. While designing the invites, I searched other picnic invitations. I stumbled upon Jessica's and just had to use her genius RSVP idea for the milk carton. Hilarious, right!?

The envelope is made from a brown lunch bag. (I included a photo on how to fold it.) For the sandwiches, I made each individual piece, put them all together and then placed the finished sandwich in a fold-over sandwich bag. The lettuce is a crumpled piece of green Post-it note. The cheese is cardstock punched with two different sized hole punches. For the meat, I raided my never-ending stash of paper; I cut it out and then outlined the edge with a marker. The bread and tomato were just printed from images I found online.

When creating an invitation, you should always include the who, what, when, why and where. So each piece of the "picnic lunch" represented on of those elements.

1. The napkin includes the "who" (Bree), "what" (a picnic) and the "why" (3rd birthday).
2. The pickle states the "where".
3. The sandwich tells guests "when".
4. The milk carton captures the necessity of RSVP-ing in a comical way.
5. And finally the watermelon, was left for any other notes. In our case, requesting guests to come empty handed.


Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said...

darling! and the ant ribbon just finishes the look SO nicely!

katie@tulsadetails said...

So, so cute!!! I bet the recipients were so excited to open them!!! Great job!!

Two Shades of Pink said...

Just perfect! I love every detail!

Mommy to Two said...

How did you do the milk carton?

A. Party Style said...

Mommy to Two - I created the milk carton graphic in a program called InDesign. If you are interested in purchasing, I can modify the file for you specifically.

Anonymous said...

Dying to make the paper bag envelopes. I'm a little lost by just using the photo. Any more details you can share?

Judy said...

Will the post office accept the envelope with the ribbon detail without charging extra for postage? I know that they charge more for square envelopes because they can't go through the meter or some such thing. Is it the same thing with the ribbon?

a. party style said...

Judy, I'm pretty sure I didn't pay any extra for the postage because of the ribbon. I did go into the post office and asked for the invitations to be hand cancelled. That keeps them from getting caught / torn up in the machines. Hope this helps.

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