felt advent calendar wreath

I have an uber-talented friend, Lesley, who is constantly surprising me with her creativity. She's a graphic designer extraordinaire, as well as a skilled seamstress. Yes, I said seamstress - a skill I hold high regard for. (My sewing usually ends up with me just hot gluing the pieces together!!!) While picking up our kids from school yesterday, we started talking about advent calendars. Our conversation reminded of me of the advent calendar she made last year. I love how it involves the kids without giving them something everyday. We all know the kids receive plenty during the holiday season, so an activity they like to do without "getting" is an extra bonus in my book.

Check out Lesley's creation and how-to here. And here for an extra little Christmas morning detail to the already perfect calendar.  Make sure to check out the rest of Lesley's blog, too. I'm sure you'll be amazed at all her skill and creativity. (Like the these bicycle cuffs - Come on! So cute!)

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Lesley said...

Thanks so much, Anne!
YOU are the über-talented one:)

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