pirate ship dessert table

As I've mentioned, I made the dessert table for a large Halloween party this past weekend. All the children in attendance were invited to participate in a "treasure hunt".  They were given a treasure map  with various stops throughout the house where they either received a prize or participated in an activity (ie decorated cupcakes, painted a pumpkin, etc.). The "treasure" at the end of their journey was the dessert table. (A sugar treasure - ahhh, the best kind of treasure!) Keeping with the theme, I decided to make the table a pirate ship. I really liked how this table turned out. I love the whimsy of it - I'm still a kid I guess.

The desserts included:
-pumpkin mousse cups
-shortbread finger cookies
-smore pops
-"cannon balls" (donut holes)
-skeleton suckers 
-red velvet cake pops
-caramel pumpkin bites with dulce de leche drizzle
-graveyard pudding
-jello worm cups
-caramel apples
-popcorn hands

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katie@tulsadetails said...

Wow!!! This is amazing! I want to come to one of your parties! You're do talented!!

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