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Calling all cake junkies... as an addict myself, I can call you that! Here you go! As you requested, here is your next dose of sugary fun!

A sushi cake for a sushi lovers birthday. Everything was edible except the chopsticks - I would have drove myself crazy trying to get those perfect!

If you have a preschooler, I'm sure Dora and/or Diego have made a presence in your house. This was for a Dora birthday - obviously!

A first birthday halloween cake. Not too scary for the little ones. And just a note, this cake was actually purple (not blue), but the cameras (yes, plural) could not capture the actual color. Weird, huh!?

I made this cake for my best friend for her surprise 30th. Her husband surprised her by flying all her close friends to Phoenix for a girls weekend. So I hand carried this cake from Connecticut to Arizona. It was a great conversation piece - I couldn't tell you how many people stopped me in the airport/airplane to look at the it.

I have a wonderful client who asks me to do a Christmas cake every year for her immediate family. A couple years ago I made this one.

Hope these give you the fix you need! Since it seems like you guys like seeig them, I'll keep posting more cakes periodically.

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katie@tulsadetails said...

Oh my gosh, Anne! These are awesome!! I especially love your chanel purse. Wow. So talented! Absolutely love these!

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