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Today I thought I'd share a Christmas cake I did a few years back for my mom. (You had to know I wouldn't get too far along in a series without showing you something with frosting!) My mom asked me to make a cake for her to share with friends. Since my parents live in California, I had to make all the fondant pieces ahead of time and carry them on the plane.

Everything was edible. The Christmas tree was just several ice cream cones stacked together and then frosted with a star tip. The fireplace was pound cake cut to shape and frosted in buttercream. The mantel was fondant, but all the elements on top of it were buttercream (wreath, garland, candles, etc.). I had such a good time doing that cake.

I still love looking at all the little details. Here are a few that I don't want you to miss:
-Santa's legs coming out of the chimney
-all the personalized stockings (initial for each of us in the family)
-milk and cookies (the napkin had fringe and one of the cookies had a bite taken out of it)

I love Christmas!!!


Missy Shay said...

I love that cake, great job!

vferrucci said...

You out did yourself with the details on this one!!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Love, love the details. I am especially in love with the mini cookies! Adorable!

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