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It's the 31st of July already!?  For my final day in the Christmas in July series, I will share my favorite Christmas card we have ever done.  We used the string closures you find on large business envelopes as inspiration.  We made them using mini grommets to fasten on little red circles that we cut out. (Yes, very labor intensive!)  Then we used silver string that made the shape of a star when you closed the card.  I just love this card!!!

For the inside, we took pictures of each of us holding a large number cut-out that we made.  Our daughter was 20 months old at the time, so getting her and the animals to cooperate was no small task.  Speaking of my daughter, don't you just love her little wool knickers!?  They were a red and white houndstooth material.  So cute!  We put a little Santa hat on her, too and she looked so festive. 

And finally, on the opposite side, I used a white ink pen to write our names on.  Since you could see the holes from the grommets, I incorporated them into our names.  The "o" in Jeromy (I know, it's spelled weird!), the bottom loop in "a" for my name and the top loop in "e" for Ella's name.  It worked out beautifully.  I don't know what we would have done if we didn't have the right letters??

I love sending handmade cards each year.  We get so many compliments and our friends tell us they wait with anticipation each year to see what we are going to do.  They take a lot of time, but sending something that is well received is very rewarding.  And since I save one each year, it gives our family something fun to look back at for great memories.

So, to wrap up this Christmas in July series...  First of all, I hope you liked it. I hope I have provided you inspiration with plenty of time to prepare.  We all know Christmas sneaks up on us fast each year. 

I am thinking about selling Christmas cards this year.  Anyone interested in me making yours?  If anyone is interested in any of the designs you've seen, let me know.  I will book up quick, so get your orders in soon.    Email me with any questions or orders - apowers.apartystyle@gmail.com

Okay, now a complete turn away from Christmas.  July 31st is an important date in my life.  Eleven years ago today, I married my high school sweetheart.  By the time we got married, we had already been together five years.  It was a wonderful day - albeit HOT.  So this doesn't get too sappy for you guys, I'll tell you a funny story about the heat.  Not that we didn't know it was going to be hot in July in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we didn't think it would end up being the hottest day of the year!  106 degrees at six o'clock in the evening.  Yikes!  To make matters worse, the limo driver didn't turn the car on until right when we were getting in after the ceremony.  When my husband and I got in, I told him "Get as far away from me as you can!!!!"  I know, so romantic right!?  He was probably thinking 'This is what I just married!'  I was just trying to cool off so I didn't melt - 30 pounds of dress and 30 pounds of make-up don't mix well with hundred plus temps.  Anyway, I love you, J and can't wait for the rest of our lives together.  I can't believe it has already been eleven years.  Time flies when you're having fun I guess!

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vferrucci said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary to the two of you! The most creative couple we know!

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