march fourth

Today I march forth with my goals...  March 4th (get it!?) is a perfect day to not only reflect on goals you have accomplished, but also a day to set new goals to fulfill.  Publicly writing them down (both professional and personal) will hopefully keep me on track to making them happen.

March Fourth 2011:
- initiate more relationships with fellow bloggers in my interest areas (and further develop existing relationships)
- switch to my own domain name ( coming soon!)
- finish redesign / better my blog
- complete business organization project
- work on more collaboration projects
- do something nice for someone (stranger or friend) everyday
- turn off "work" and spend more quality time with my family (hard to do when you work from home!)
- finish designing / start family room and master suite renovations
- finish dining room tabletop

Anyone else celebrate "March Fourth"?  What are your "March Fourth" goals?


Ashley said...

While I do not celebrate "march fourth", I do celebrate March 4th - my birthday! I have NEVER thought of my birthday like that, but I love it!

Love your blog, all your ideas and can't wait for the new website!

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