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Do you "pin"?  If not, you should!  I can't pull myself away from the computer. (It's getting ridiculous actually - like I'm afraid I might even forget to feed the kids!  Not to mention, the actual work I need to be doing.)  Pinterest is yet another platform (but the best in my little humble opinion) showing just how much "cool" is out there.  I love finding new and stylish ideas and this site is the mother load.  I'm completely gotten.  I'm completely in love.  I'm completely obsessed.  Wanna come share my new obsession with me?  Let me know in the comments section and I'll send you an invite - make sure and leave your email so I can send it to you.  You can check out my boards or follow me here.  Happy Pinning!

17 comments: said...

I would LOVE in invite to Pinterest!

plainchicken at gmail dot com

Ashley said...

Well you might be to blame if I get hooked, but oh well, it looks too much fun to pass up!

Trisha said...

I would love an invite too. It looks really cool!

Nicole said...

Yes, please invite me so that I can repin pretty much EVERY picture you've pinned!

vferrucci said...

Ok...not sure if I should thank you or not for this one...just wasted WAY too much time checking some stuff out!
Chores are calling...
send me an invite!

katie said...

So cool! I'd love an invite...maybe it'll help keep my mind less cluttered :)

katiecaputo715 {at} gmail {dot} com

Anonymous said...

I would love an invite to Pinterest if you still have some. Anything to help me organize all of messy links I have would be appreciated. Thank you!

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