q & u wedding cupcakes

I am really swamped right now (I'm sure you've picked up on this with my infrequency of late). Some upcoming events, my daughter's birthday party, teaching cake decorating classes, amongst other things... One of those "other things" was a quick little task for my daughter's kindergarten class. I think this idea is so original, and I just had to share. I had never heard of it anyway.

As with all kindergarten curriculum, my daughter's class has been learning the letters and their sounds for fundamental reading skills all year. But this past week was a very special week... they did two letters - Q & U. And they got married!!!!!! Isn't that adorable!? (Give me a tissue!) Since almost all words beginning with Q are followed by a U, the "wedding" is a great learning tool for the children. Q & U - together forever. I bet the kids don't forget it! So, of course with a wedding comes a reception, right!? I made the wedding cupcakes. Mr. Q sporting his bow tie and Mrs. U all white and sparkly - both atop fondant hearts and paired together in rows as they walk down the aisle. :)

Anyone else have any Q & U wedding stories? Wish my kindergarten teacher had been this creative.


Unknown said...

Oh man, that is so adorable!

katie@tulsadetails said...

These are adorable! I wish I lived closer -- I would love to take a cake decorating class!

Jennifer said...

Our preschool at church (where I used to teach) does a Q and U wedding every year for the Pre-K classes. Our pastor of education wears his tuxedo and does the most hilarious "wedding vows" ever heard with qu words. "If there are no qualms or quavering about the joining of this couple...". The kids dress up in their finest and the boys are q's and the girls are u's. We always have cake and punch after. I love your cupcakes, though. I'll have to share your blog post with my friend who teaches the Pre-K class.

Nikki said...

I do a Q&U wedding with my kindergarteners every year and make a big wedding cake to go with it. They love it!

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