march fourth

March 4th is a day of reflection and goal-setting for me. I review what the previous year brought and taught me, but even more importantly, it is the day I "march forth" with new goals. You might remember last year's March 4th post. I'm happy to report several of those goals were met. There is always room for improvement though, so some will be revisited on this year's list.

In an effort to hold myself accountable again by publicly posting, my goals for this year are...

- build my new commercial kitchen in my basement (this is HUGE so it counts as two, right!?)
- continue developing relationships and work on collaborations with party peers
- utilize my new marketing professional to create a more thorough marketing plan to secure jobs
- change my business to a LLC (only one more minor piece to complete this task)
- prioritize and minimize in-kind projects/events
- decorate my new home (a fun one!)
- respect my needs and sloooow down sometimes

What are your March 4th goals?

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Anonymous said...

Great goals! I hope you share the build-out of your new commercial kitchen. And of course I want you to take care of YOU whenever possible.

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