blogher '10 :: part two

That was so much fun!!!  I learned a lot and met some wonderful people - such inspiring women!  I've got to start saving my pennies now, so I can go again next year in San Diego. 

The highlight of my trip was meeting Kim from The TomKat Studio.  I have been reading her blog since the beginning and I just love her.  She is so sweet!  I was so nervous to introduce myself to her, but she made me feel at ease quickly.  And cute!  Look how great she looks!  As you can see, my make-up and hair had melted away by the end of the day.  I couldn't pass up her offer of taking a photo together though.  Thanks again, Kim! 

In the coming weeks, I plan on implementing things I learned while at BlogHer.  So heads up for some changes.  Hope you like them!  Please (and I'm begging here) let me know what you think.  We bloggers LOVE comments.  As one of the panelists from a session I attended said "getting a comment is like getting a gold star".  So true!  Even if it's awful, we love to hear your feedback.  We are doing this for you, our readers, afterall and we want to know if you like what you see. 

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Lesley Zurolo said...

Annie, you'll have to tell me about your new blog tips! The changes look great!

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