bree's birth announcement

I am knee deep in party planning right now. I have a few events in the next couple of weeks, one of which is my daughter's second birthday party. In the midst of making table runners, favor boxes and decorations, I can't help but think about the day she was born. How can two years already be gone!? So while I continue on party projects, I thought you might like to see her birth announcement.

On the front, I stamped baby footprints and added text that read "Our home has grown... by two feet". This "theme", if you will, fit our family perfect since my husband and I are both designers and constantly talking in "feet".

And, yes she was a huge baby; no one needs to tell me that. I was the one carrying her, I remember. Both my girls were almost three weeks early and still weighed over nine pounds!!! I loved it - more baby to nibble on.

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