pirate invitations

We have some great friends who have a son named Jack.  He will be celebrating his 4th birthday soon and I just had to share the initiations his mother made for his party.  She, like me, loves a good piece of correspondence and this year's invite doesn't disappoint.  She graciously let me show you guys her creation.  Thanks, Sara!

Some details I don't want you to miss:
-She starts the whole pirate experience for the guests as soon as they get the envelope.  She used a theme fitting font to address the envelopes (see it up there at the top)
-The "X" that marks the treasure spot is where she put the address - brilliant!  The party will be a treasure.  (As you can see, I blocked out information so no one crashes Jack's party.  It would be my fault if any uninvited guests showed up (you know, putting it on the web and all!), which means I would have to give up my piece of cake and folks, that's not happening!  No one is going to come between me and some frosting.)
-I love how Sara jokes about any regrets will walk the plank - cute!
-The extra piece of paper is included to give information about the pool during the party.  She hand tore and tea stained the paper to really bring home the pirate theme.  The write up and vocabulary is perfect. (I'm beginning to wonder if Sara is part pirate??) 

Job well done, wouldn't you say!?  I will be making Jack's cupcakes and, of course, will share the "treasures" (sorry, I couldn't help myself) with you after the party.


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