pirate map

A couple days ago, I showed you the cute pirate invitations my friend made for her son's birthday.  Of course, one of the fun activities planned during the party is a treasure hunt with obstacles/activities.  She asked me to draw the treasure map with all the obstacles throughout their backyard.  So fun!  Sara plans on tea staining the maps and coloring the treasure "X" red.  Then they will all be rolled up and tied, put in a bottle, and floating in their pool.   There will be a treasure map for each kid to retrieve.  Don't you think the kids will love this!?  Anyway, just thought I'd share in case anyone else has an upcoming pirate party.



Sara Ruggiero said...

Anne, you outdid yourself yet again with this one! Love all the details and how you piratized (is that a word?) the backyard landscape features. The drawings for each activity/obstacle are just too cute! THANK YOU!!

laurie said...

I can see hints of your killer landscape architecture skills in this one!! xoxo

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