I love all my Mac products (wish I would have converted years ago!) and apparently others do too!  Look at all these adorable "iValentine" gifts and cards.   

This one is so appropriate for those of us constantly connected.  This is the card I should get for the hubby this year!

This valentine looks so easy to do and still so cute!  

This next one is a show stopper!  What a great valentines gift right!?  It was listed on Etsy, unfortunately, it looks like they are all sold out.  (Or it was from last year - can't really tell, but none the less, not available.) Total bummer, but I still wanted to share in case it inspired any of you to make one.  (And then send it to me! :) )

And finally, check this out!  Want to hand out some of your own iValentine gifts?  The always amazing Amy from Living Locurto has this free printable on her website for all to use and share! I'm sure older kids would especially enjoy handing these out to their friends.  She even designed the back of the box - see the cute "heart" with the infamous bite taken out.  So generous and so adorable!


Anonymous said...

Gotta admit..I'm hooked on my IPhone so all of these are appealing to me. My favorite is the first one:)

Anonymous said...

love the valentine ideas you shared!!

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