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I had been planning on putting together a little post about cute Super Bowl party ideas, but now it's really on my mind.  I just got a call from my parents telling me they are going!!!  Yes, GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!  How cool is that!?  (Hello, one check off the bucket list!)  I already told my mom she had to take pictures for me to share with all of you.  Wonder which celebs they'll see???  And the next obvious, very important question... What should my mom wear??  

So, back to cute party ideas that us commoners (you know, the ones who watch the game from home!) can use....

Look at these adorable beer bottle tags - Quarterback, Cheerleader, etc.  If we were having a Super Bowl party, I know exactly who I'd give the cheerleader tag to!  You can make them personalized without being so literal with names.  I also like the football field napkin rings. Available here from Paper & Cake.

Again, not being so literal, these drink tags below (look close) will allow guests to keep track of their drink.  You could even turn this idea into a game.  At the beginning of the party, let guests pick a jersey number of the players playing in this years Super Bowl.  Then, at the end of the game, whoever has the number matching the player picked as the Super Bowl MVP wins a prize - six pack of beer or something?  I also like the other ideas at this link.  Especially the last one - leaving chalk out on the decorated table for guests to "strategize" their plays. Interactive party details are always fun for guests!

Next up, something I remember seeing from last year's Super Bowl round up posts.  So easy and so creative.  Instructions here.  

And finally, Chris from Celebrations At Home, is always a excellent source of creative party ideas.  (Definitely one of my daily reads!)  Remember this Super Bowl table she styled - my favorite detail are those referee water bottles complete with "penalty flag" straws.  Fantastic!  

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Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas!! The question is who will your parents be rooting for?! Oh, and here's another question for you... are there any food/decorating ideas that would transition from the Super Bowl to the special showing of Glee that immediately follows?! I've also thought of doing things that appeal to those who watch the SB for the commercials.

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