just married flip-flops

Where does the time go!?!?  I can't keep up!  Lots going on with A. Party Style of late... 2011 is going to be the best year yet!  I just got a couple of new jobs that I'm really excited about!  Yippee!  I still have lots to share with you from 2010 too.  Mr. Time, can you s-l-o-w down please?

In the meantime, look at these - so cute!  I was doing some research for an upcoming job and stumbled upon these whimsical flip-flops.  I want to get married again just so I can wear these on my honeymoon!?!? Apparently they are very popular... I had no idea.  In case you're interested in a pair for yourself, just google "just married flip-flops" and you'll find a plethora of vendors.

Okay, back to emails and invoices!  It was nice to take a break and think about the beach though.  


Anonymous said...

I love REEF their new Guatemala sandal sweepstakes http://bit.ly/gPOQAt

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea!

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