beach themed desserts

Here are a couple more things I made for the beach themed bridal shower I did last week.
(I had taken pictures of the table, but they were awful!!!  They looked like my lens had been dipped in Crisco!?  You can't see anything!  Thankfully, I had taken a couple quick shots before I headed to the venue.  I was actually just playing around with "rainy day" lighting photos, so these aren't stellar pics either, but I'm lucky I have anything to show!)

Anyway, moving on...  Chocolate covered strawberries with little blue swimsuits piped on. This was so hard by the way!!!  The client had asked for it and I struggled.  Just keepin' it real!  I played around with putting the suit on several ways, but this method was the only one that somewhat looked like an actual swimsuit.  

Cheesecake bars with a candy mold seashell on top.  I airbrushed the shells to give them a little shimmer.  These bars are delish!!  They always get rave reviews.  They are pretty time consuming, but really good.  The original recipe here from Martha Stewart.  It's actually intended to be a "flag" cake with strawberries and blueberries, but I obviously left off all the berries for this theme.  The following photo was the one I made for my daughter's red, white and blue party last year.

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JMay said...

My fav. is the American flag cheesecake bars, nice job! :-)

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