flower placemats

A simple, yet sweet little craft I did this weekend in preparation for my daughter's birthday party - flower placemats.  It's not hard at all - just time consuming.  I'm sure it's been done a hundred times before (probably not even worth a tutorial!), but just in case someone wants to know how I made them...

You will need:
1.  10" cake rounds (available at any cake supply store)
2.  Fake flower petals (I bought them cheaply through Oriental Trading Company here - other colors available too)
3.  Hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks
4.  Patience - unfortunately I ran out of this!  After 19 boards and 900+ petals, I was ready for a new craft!

Glue petals overlapping around and around until you get to the center.  Yeap, I told you it was hard! :)

Viola!  A pretty placemat.  I think the hot pink cake plates I bought will look great atop these beauties!

These are for my daughter's April showers party, but how about these for your spring table!? Easter brunch!?  So cheap and easy.
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