green me :: pot of gold

A St. Patrick's Day series wouldn't be complete without a pot of gold!!!

(image via eighteen 25)
I love this "pot of gold" so much I'm copying it for one of my Irish friends/neighbors!  Check it out here.  (Besides, this will be a great way to give her back her jar.  She gave me a very thoughtful treat via this jar and now I'm returning the fun.  Maybe we can start a little game - The gesture jar!)  

Look, Look!!  That's a donut hole for the "pot"... fantastic huh!?  I thought it was sculpted fondant or something.  Nope, even easier.  Read all about them here.  (Oh, and get ready to giggle - Kristan's a funny lady!)  

And my personal favorite!  How can someone be this creative!?  Those are painted Gladware!!!!!  (Silly me, I just thought they were for storing leftovers.  I'm such an underachiever!)  Full tutorial here
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