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As I was talking about 2010 yesterday, I realized I never shared our Christmas card with you guys.  For those of you readers who are new, I had a Christmas in July series.  Along with other Christmas inspiration, I shared all our past Christmas card designs.  My husband and I are both designers by trade and several years ago we started a little tradition of designing our own cards every year.  (Why did we do that to ourselves??? Oh that's right, ahem, we didn't have children then!)  Anyway, we've had some cards that I love and some that just "get-out-the-door" in time for the holiday.  Well, 2010's was one of those years that we just had to get it done.  And done quick, since we didn't even start until December 20th.  Yikes!  (Every year, I swear we're going to have them designed and printed by early October. Yeah, that never happens!)
We were just too busy this year for a complex design - it had to be simple!  I thought of the holes in the two zeros of 2010 and thought, "hey, we have two kids, let's throw them in the holes!"  :)  So, simple it was!  Having the pictures towards the bottom afforded us plenty of white space to sign our names and write individual notes to our friends and family.  I will say hand-cutting the bottom edge of the numbers and the insides of the zeros with an Exacto was a pain - both figuratively and literally.  And yes, I hand cut them all.  Dear hubby fell victim to a stomach bug and was puking all night while I cut.  I shouldn't complain; I'll take achy fingers over throwing up any day!  Sorry for the full disclosure here, just keeping it real, but I can't believe I let vomit enter a post about Christmas cards!

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So I've had the flu twice this season. Can I use that as my excuse for why my christmas cards are still not out?! Hope so!!

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